Books Here! Get Your Books Here! * And Art and Tee Shirts And….

Don’t go home empty handed!


One of the most amazing things about my BlogLand experience

has been not just the support of fellow writers

but the quality of the online writing I read.

Art too.

You are a talented group of Artists and it is a Joy to have access to your Art.

Thank you all for doing what you do.



our friends who are putting their art out there.

and I figure it




Think Globally; Shop Locally.

This Blog is Local, don’t you know?


I have posted a list of Bloggers I have found with a range of Art for sale.

Words are Art; don’t forget that.

I will try to post an on-line resource of new Books and artists from time to time.

If you would like to be included in the next posting, let me know!

Please Support our Local Artists!

I know I am!

Peace,  Jen


Your Unique Self * Heidi Fogle  Our Heidi of Good Life No Alcohol

Eric Alagan at Written Words Never Die

Supernatural Assassin * Hardcover and Paperback by Vina Kent

Supernatural Assassin * Ebook Reader  by Vina Kent

Family Ties by Louise Behiel

Maggie Mae I Just Say This    Poetry Journal

PoetWear by the Borg Poet  Poetwear 1.0

Francis Barker Art   Poetry available on Amazon

One Off The Wall   Paintings by David Francis Barker

Memory Bears by Bonnie   * A very meaningful gift for someone grieving….

Stuart has a book coming out VERY soon ! How to Change your Life One Day at a Time

Marc Latham’s book, Werewolf of Oz, is a Wizard of Oz themed rock opera in poetry comedy fantasy form: available on Amazon Kindle. It contains the good and bad sides of alcohol consumption.

Dance with the Divine and Walk With the Master by Kathryn Eriksen

The Alchemist * A Mystery in Three Acts by Vikram Roy

Dean J. Baker  Poetry

Angela Hickman  Photography Portraits and Poet Extraordinaire!

~ by Step On a Crack on May 2, 2012.

10 Responses to “Books Here! Get Your Books Here! * And Art and Tee Shirts And….”

  1. Jen–It’s really just a booklet. Thanks for the inclusion. Maybe by next year I’ll have Debbie’s first volume of Two Minutes of Grace in print! There’s a goal! You’re so thoughtful to promote everyone. Very generous. Not surprising, a bit. By the way, do you have nothing in print? You’re very print-worthy.


    • Heidi, A booklet counts! I am reading yours FIRST! YES! TMOG YES! AND your next volume too….

      Nothing in print here; well TONS in print all over! Man do I have TOO many books…. Just not my stuff. Maybe someday. I need to get my head on straight. That is ONE tall order! Thank you for your kindness…. XO Jen


  2. Thanks Jen. Werewolf of Oz is in the free Kindle download for Amazon Prime customers offer this weekend (May 5/6). Cheers, Marc.


  3. Thank you Jen – this is very kind of you. Luv and peace, Eric 🙂


    • Eric,

      It is a pleasure to share writers I love with other people! I look forward to my friends enjoying your work as much as I do. It is a Gift YOU Give….

      Peace, Jen


  4. Wonderful, Jen!
    I’m waiting for your book release. I’m hoping to trade on our friendship and get a signed copy!
    love and grace,


  5. Thanks step-on-a-crack! Flowers, big big hugs and kisses! Always love! Vikram


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