June 30th * Brain Injury Awareness Picnic Day * I Hope I Don’t Forget….

It was one of those days:

I could not find my comb;

It was in my hand.

It was raining outside.

I could not for the life of me figure out how to turn on the windshield wipers.

I needed to be somewhere;

I got lost.

I got lost in a neighborhood I have spent the last 9 years trolling.

I pulled over

and I cried.


I realized that I have been taking it for granted:

I am OK. All is well.

I have been staying up late.

I have not been eating brain food.

I have been multi-tasking like…


Like I used to.

My TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) is getting the better of me.


I think it will Go Away. I think that Things are Back to Normal.

They are: back to the New Normal.

I hate this.


I will slow down and smell the roses

in one yard

one at a time.

New Normal; that’s all.

Something very Buddhist in all this ehh?

Peace,  Jen


“On June 30, 2012 we are asking all those to sign-up to register as a picnic day to bring Awareness of Brain Injury to family and friends. There is an estimated 1 billions people in the world with brain injuries of varying degrees, neurological disorders and brain dysfunction and yet education and understanding is lacking. This is considered the first global picnic.”

Thank you Brain Injury Self Rehabilitation

 and  Finding Urself after a Brain Injury

Bi Global Picnic for Brain Injury Awareness

~ by Step On a Crack on May 7, 2012.

27 Responses to “June 30th * Brain Injury Awareness Picnic Day * I Hope I Don’t Forget….”

  1. thnks jen


  2. Very nice.


  3. Take it easy, dear one. We’ll wait. We’re not going anywhere. xo


  4. Oh honey! I wish i could give you a hug (as if that would solve the TBI). Too busy, you! Still i hope we can find each other on Friday. Crossing fingers!!! Find your way to me, sweetie pie honey bunch!!! Thanks for the picnic update. HUGS, and sending you roses and beautiful flowers to gaze upon. Breathing with you XO mel


  5. big hugs to you, dear friend. be well


  6. Oh, I sucked in my breathe when I read this, Jen. I thought to myself, wow, that used to be me.

    That USED to be me.

    Ten years on, my life is so different. I still get bouts of ‘dumb old brain’ when I am tired or unwell, but mostly, I have found ways to function, my brain has improved, and so have I.

    Wishing you endless love and courage for the journey. Don’t give up and don’t listen to people saying it won’t ever get better. I proved them wrong and so can you.


    • OK! How did you do it? I have had 2.5 serious head injuries and the last was a doozy. The docs did not catch it early …. You know the drill i am sure.

      I am a LONG time vegetarian for spiritual reasons and I am now eating salmon because it DOES help. I figure it is medicine.

      How did you prove them wrong?

      Peace, Jen


      • Jen, I did many things. They include (I still do them!) daily meditation, visualisation, exercise, acupuncture, overhauling my vegetarian diet and becoming a meat eater as well as supplementing with fish oils, magnesium, B group vits, zinc, C and CoQ10. Cutting down on stress. Getting enough sleep. And retraining my brain with various activities and exercises. It was hard, especially relearning things I had previously been so good at. But the results have been worth it.

        Have you read the book The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge? That was life changing for me.
        Love and Light


      • Nicole,

        Thank you very much! I am doing many of the things you suggest. I see a gifted aryuvedic doctor and she has helped tremendously:

        BUT my problem is I do them consistently and then I feel ‘better’ and stop doing it all consistently and bammo: I get lost in my own neighborhood. I really actually pull over and cry. It is so humiliating and sad.

        THEN I remember to meditate, accept this as Gift from the Universe (I needed to learn to slow down anyway. the Goddess will have her way one way or another…) and move on.

        Acceptance is another gift I know I can glean from this. IF I choose.

        I will pick up the book! Thank you!

        Back to the drawing board…. Thats ok. It is what is needed ehh?

        Peace, Jen


      • OH!

        What did you do to retrain your brain?

        Stress….. right… that too.

        Thank you very much!



  7. And I’ll sign up for that picnic for sure! 😀


    • Raising awareness is VERY important! This picnic can help do just that. So many people are walking around with head injuries without knowing it.

      What a great idea: a global picnic!

      ‘see you’ there!

      XO Jen


  8. Jen – it happened to me once – that windshield wiper thing…

    About 12 years ago. I was under plenty of pressure and on the way to a very important meeting. The clouds burst and it poured – I had forgotten how to turn on the windshield wipers! After fidgeting with knobs and switches, I pulled over. The rain stopped – I knew instantly how to turn on the wipers. Weird! Never happened again – but I still have not figured that out.

    Thought I’d share this with you.


    • Eric,

      You have NO idea how kind this is! Well….

      maybe you do. It is so helpful to hear that other people have ‘brain whacks’ too. Isn’t it the WEIRDEST feeling?

      Thank you very much for sharing this story. I am NOT alone. There are a lot of TBI bloggers out here and one of the things that is the hardest is the feeling of being alone.

      Bless you!



  9. I can so relate. I am seven years out and yes I have worked hard to get better. All of us go at a different pace. Don’t be discouraged. A TBI is one day at a time and never give up. Sorry I can’t meet anyone at the picnic. I can’t be in public with multiple conversations going on. My brain goes to mush and I go on overload. My household is one of the few that doesn’t need brain injury awareness. I wish I could family who do live with me to that picnic!


  10. I love how you turn your story into verse. Yay, akismet fixed my account. My comments have been ending up in spam on every wordpress.com blog I visit.


  11. I’m so sorry dear friend.
    I’ll sign up for the picnic.
    I had a concussion when I was a freshman in h.s.
    Then a head on with a drunk driver when I was a freshman in college. Another concussion, 19 stitches in my fractured jaw, broken teeth, broken leg etc..
    I don’t know if I have TBI or not.
    I do know I don’t experience the painful affects to the extent that you do. do. I’ll add one more voice to the chorus that says lay low, smell every rose, remind yourself of how very much we love you.


  12. Any reason for a picnic is a good one…and this one sounds Great!


  13. Found my phone in the freezer recently….
    Even messes have order… 🙂


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