Slam Nuba on Stage Tonight. Do yourself a favor…

Life is settling down as transition rounds us out.

I will return in time.

Summer has arrived and my son is Free.

Life is Good.

Tonight. Denver. Crossroads Theater. 8:30 PM

Slam Nuba performs

You will not regret it.

Peace,   Jen


~ by Step On a Crack on June 4, 2012.

3 Responses to “Slam Nuba on Stage Tonight. Do yourself a favor…”

  1. Hey baby, i’m not “back” … i’m a quarter back, get it? Yes … groggy and outta my mind from travel in NON-internet land. But just out of the land of PURE BEAUTY. And floating bulimia terror 😉 FOOD ON A BOAT, aka CRUISE.

    Looks like from your posts you’re outta commission too … MUCH to do with Young Tall Son ;-). Write me if you like … i’m not really going full steam until Monday probably. Love you … i missed the SLAM. Damn … D wasn’t interested, and they moved location from a Grill resto that was only 1 fucking block from our hotel to a location about 7 blocks away. Needless to say, D doesn’t like to walk, and we filled our days with Pike’s market and anxiety over the fact that i was missing a bunch of meds. HUG and KISS, miss you, mel


  2. So sorry. Not enough internet to watch the video.
    You are very much, every day, in my heart and in my prayers.


  3. How was the show? Sorry, i know you’ll be back … just can’ help buggin’ ya. xo


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