Raining Poetry!

We need rain in Colorado right now;

Fires raging all over the state.

Poetry can’t put out fires but it can ease some pain.

Peace,  Jen

(I am on a BlogCation until my son is back in school. I just had to share this!)

I miss you ALL!


Poetry Bombing: 100,000 Poems Rain On London (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post  |  By  Posted: 06/26/2012 4:20 pm

Poetry Bombing

Tonight London will be hit by a poetry storm — that’s right, it will be raining poetry. Chilean arts collective Casagrandewill drop 100,000 poems from a helicopter over the south bank of the Thames river at twilight. The poems double as bookmarks, and Casagrande assures that no poem will be left behind, leaving no remnants of the event — “People who witness the gliding, glinting bookmarks exchange them, turning them into coveted goods for barter rather than litter.”

This is not the first “Rain of Poems” to take place. Most recently, Casagrande dropped poems over Berlin, Germany, in 2010 and over Warsaw, Poland, in 2009. Their first “poetry bombing,” as it’s sometimes referred to, was in 2001 and took place in Chile over “La Moneda”, the government palace that was bombed by Gen. Augusto Pinochet on September 11th, 1973.

Rain of Poems serves as a symbolic reappropriation of the past. All five cities that have been hit with poems (Berlin, Warsaw, Gernika, Dubrovnik, Santiago, and London), are cities that have been bombed during military strifes in the past. Through this symbolic “bombing of words,” Casagrande hopes to “open up questions that help us to understand cultural works as pacifist practices and also to discuss what the place of poetry could be in the history of war.”

As for the poems themselves, there will be a poem by a poet from each of the 204 Olympic nations along with an additional 50 poems by Chilean poets and 50 by UK poets. The event kicks off Poetry Parnassus in London (running through July 1st), which is the largest poetry festival in the UK. The project includes readings, workshops and discussions with various poets elected through public voting.

Casagrande’s slogan reads, “no se vende ni se compra,” translated to “can’t be sold, can’t be bought,” meaning every project, every performative act, and each poetic utterance is completely free and for the collective imagination or re-imagining. Cheers to more events like this in the future!

~ by Step On a Crack on June 27, 2012.

15 Responses to “Raining Poetry!”

  1. Cool event. It’s raining poems, hallelujah. I could dance to it ;-). See you around when you’re not hither and yonning. XO mel


    • HEY YOU!

      I am looking forward to late August when I will be BACK! I miss you!
      The kid keeps me running and I KNOW that in the next few years (or minutes..) he won’t want me anywhere near…


      LOVE Jen


  2. You’ve been missed here Jen..
    Welcome back


  3. Love the idea of a poetry storm


  4. […] Raining Poetry! (step-on-a-crack.com) […]


  5. […] Raining Poetry! (step-on-a-crack.com) […]


  6. Thanks for the inspirational quickie!


  7. great post


  8. Wow–it’s raining poems–I like that!! If it seems I’ve been AWOL, I just resubscribed (blog issues are now resolved, hallelujah!). And I’m intending to reply to your email, too. God bless you abundantly during your time off–much love to you, Caddo


  9. Peek-a-boo!

    I have been gone for so long from this bloghood — I am glad to read that you are taking a blogcation for the summer! It means I have not missed as much as I thought I might have. 🙂

    I wanted to peek in, though, and tell you that I am about 99% certain I am going to be in your neck of the woods come August. Long story. I may try to write something about it on my blog (the “now what?” one). But I will be around and wanted to give you the quick heads-up as I really hope we can connect F2F when I am there. More on that later!

    Hugs and stuff. 🙂
    Celeste E. Hall


    • Hoo Haw!!!

      Really!??? This is Wonderful! I would love to connect F2F YOU are ON!

      Can you send dates etc so I can plan to stay put? Wanna head to the ‘family farm’ for respite from any storm you might encounter?

      OH Mrs. D; I mean, Dear Celeste E. Hall; this is great news. I hope it is a wonder filled trip and I can see that is will be a Big One.




      • I’m blogging about it *right now*! 🙂 Well, it is actually kind of a frowny-face… You’ll see in just a bit. This is going to be a long-term thing. And YES, I would love to be able to see the family farm. It was one thing that gave me a little hope in the sitch besides some other good things in the clouds. Silver linings! Sorry to be so mysterious, but you’ll know what’s up in a moment. I’ll come back here & let you know when it’s posted. 🙂


      • Okeedokee. Explanation is posted! 🙂


      • BTW, I now have the disco-era song, “It’s Raining Men” as an earworm, lol.

        What a cool idea to bomb poems instead of bombs. 🙂 Word bombs — the good kind. I love it!


  10. […] Raining Poetry! (step-on-a-crack.com) […]


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