Family is Always a Blessing and Our Blessings have Grown



Miracles all.

Our family has grown.

We are welcoming a new member with Joy!

William Haines

Congratulations to Andrea and Paul!

Welcome our Ella Bee to the Big Sister Club!

William, you are blessed to have been born into the arms of your family.

Your parents are the best choice you could have made.

You are loved with all of our hearts and you always will be.

Family can be a complicated  mess.

Family can be Hard and Troubled.

Family is always a Blessing and our Blessings have Grown.

William you are Loved,

and you always will be.

We are blessed by you!

Peace,  Jen


Andrea you are a Star Mother!

Paul you are a Wonder Dad!

You Begin

Margaret Atwood

You begin this way:this is your hand,this is your eye,this is a fish, blue and flat

on the paper, almost

the shape of an eye

This is your mouth, this is an O

or a moon, whichever

you like.This is yellow.Outside the window

is the rain, green

because it is summer, and beyond that

the trees and then the world,

which is round and has only

the colors of these nine crayons.This is the world, which is fuller

and more difficult to learn than I have said.

You are right to smudge it that way

with the red and then

the orange: the world burns.Once you have learned these words

you will learn that there are more

words than you can ever learn.

The word

~ by Step On a Crack on August 20, 2012.

7 Responses to “Family is Always a Blessing and Our Blessings have Grown”

  1. congratulations, sweetie. both of these posts are lovely


  2. Wow. He’s absolutely perfect. Welcome William. :)x


  3. Just lovely!


  4. congrats, and enjoy your new loved one!


  5. Welcome baby boy! What an awesome family you have chosen 🙂 XO MEL


  6. Congratulations and blessings, Jen! There’s nothing like a new little life, fresh and perfect to perk everyone up. That is the most darling photo–what a proud little “big sis”!! God bless y’all–love, Caddo


  7. With the description of William’s parents and his “big sister” and of course an amazing Aunt Jen this certainly suggests an auspicious beginning in life! Congratulations to this family. Many blessings, Edie


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