I Miss You Daddy

 Daddy would have been 75 years old today

Daddy loved presents.

He loved a simple gift

wrapped in newspaper.

You have a new grandson;

William Haines.

He is a Good One Daddy.

Peyton Manning  is the quarterback for the Broncos.

He took a hit and he held.

This is the year Daddy,

We ARE going to the Super Bowl.

” This is the year girls, This is the year!”

You got that right Daddy,

You got that right….

Memory hangs like low fruit today and I will eat it all.




~ by Step On a Crack on August 20, 2012.

9 Responses to “I Miss You Daddy”

  1. Sweet!


  2. I hope you have good memories with your father. Blessings, Edie


  3. My dad passed away many years ago, but I still think of him too, nice piece and thanks for sharing 🙂


  4. “Memory hangs like low fruit today and I will eat it all.” So beautiful.. What a wonderful tribute.


  5. Hi Jen, I’ve been behind on reading and I thought I’d check out your blog. I guess I’ve been here before but just didn’t remember! Oh well, I have remembered you and keep you in your prayers. Praying with your ongoing healing.

    Some things in life we just never make sense of, and some sense it’s just a personal problem. Let’s remember those people are less experienced and problem solving comes from experience. Keeping you in prayer. Take care and stay safe, Edie


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