Welcome National Poetry Month 2014!


 Words have Power. They ease our pain, our grief and our sense of loss and loneliness.

Words have Power. They give us courage, and strength and a new way to reach out into our lives.

Words have Power.

Poetry has Power.


Welcome to National Poetry Month.

Every April I  honor the Poets who mean so much to me.

Every April I make more room in my day, in my life,

for Words.


Thank you to Sierra DeMulder and Button Poetry

for beginning National Poetry Month with this:

Today Means Amen

Sierra DeMulder





“…This moment is your lover and you are a soldier. Come home Baby. Its over. You don’t need to suffer anymore.This moment is an Hallelujua!…”

 I made it.

Sierra knows it.

You made it.

This poet knows it.

You made it.

You know it.


Please take the time to learn more about National Poetry Month using the links below!

I hope that April will bring you as much joy as it brings me….

Thank you.



What is National Poetry Month?

Poem In Your Pocket Day * April 24th 2014!

30 Ways to celebrate!

About Sierra DeMulder * Poet

About Button Poetry!

~ by Step On a Crack on April 1, 2014.

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